What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a symptom of an injury or illness that is affecting the sciatic nerve in the leg. The sciatic nerve is located from the lower spine through the legs, and is an important muscle for being able to move and feel bits of your leg, controlling most of it. Sciatica consists of pain, numbness, weakness and even tingling in the leg. However, these symptoms can vary widely in most individuals.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

As mentioned, Sciatica can be experienced in many different ways. Some report a dull pain, while others report mild tingling, or a burning pain. The pain is generally localized on one side of the body and the patient may experience it only one leg or one side of his or her back. These symptoms can get worse when standing up suddenly, during the night, when shaking from laughing or other activities and after long walks and exercise.

What can I do about Sciatica?

Try doing press ups. This will target the main pain areas in sciatica, the buttocks, the legs and the back. Extension exercises are a low-impact way to make sure that you are not in pain later. If you have access to a pool, consult your physician about water exercises, which can be a great, painless way to start building up your strength. Hamstring exercises are great for handling lower back pain.

Hamstring Workouts

There are some effective exercises for strengthening your hamstring. Lying Leg Curls – It is known as hamstring curl. You need to lie on the hamstring machine on stomach while placing the leg curl bar all around your ankles. You need to start it slowly and then repeat it for many times. Good Mornings – You should put a barbell on your shoulders while keeping your legs stiff in standing position. You need to bend forward slightly, but the head should be upward. You have to bring your upper body parallel to the floor. Repeat it several times.

Due to the nature of sciatica, there might be an underlying problem that a doctor needs to address. Exercise is a great way to decrease painful sensations and increase mobility. It is really important to exercise to manage the pain, since it strengthens your back muscles, providing more support, and not only can it reduce pain, it can help you prevent it in the future. You should consult your doctor before taking part in any strenuous exercise.


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