If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, you may be considering TRAM Flap as an option for you. Although it has since been replaced by other methods of breast reconstructive surgery, specifically by the DIEP flap and other methods, it was one of the first operations to recognize the ability to use muscles in the abdomen to replace the breasts. It is quite important to understand how this surgery evolved into more advanced, cutting-edge options that are available today.

The TRAM Flap, also known as the transverse rectus abdominis muscle procedure, is an option that many surgeons utilized for patients who have had their breasts removed following cancer treatment. During the procedure, the surgeon transfers skin, muscles, and fat from the abdomen to the breasts. The procedure does involve the sacrifice of the abdominal muscle to give blood flow to the flap. Recovery from this surgery is typically quite lengthy and painful. Plus, there are possible risks involved from complications that include delayed healing, and loss of abdominal strength.

This procedure can cause long lasting effects and pain, some of which can even be permanent, and there is the possibility of severe weakness and even bulging. However, today there are more advanced breast reconstruction techniques that allow surgeons to use fat taken from the abdomen in the same way that the TRAM Flap procedure did without the need to destroy muscles in the abdomen area. The DIEP Flap reconstruction procedure vastly improves upon this method, and it gives patients a significantly shorter recovery period while keeping the muscles in the abdomen intact. This causes far less pain, and allows the patient to recover much quicker. This procedure is much less invasive, and the end results look much better.

While the TRAM Flap breast reconstructive procedure was once quite popular in the world of breast reconstruction, it has since been replaced by a variety of much more effective, much less painful methods. From DIEP I to DIEP II and Latissimus, women have a variety of options to choose from that will give them the results that they want. You want to look and feel your absolute best after your mastectomy, so it is important that if you decide to go forward with a breast reconstructive surgery that suits your needs and your specific circumstances best. To learn more information about the options that you have available to you, schedule a consultation with your doctor today.


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