Tips On How To Overcome Fear In Yoga

Fear shows up most times when you practice yoga. Although the job of fear is to keep us safe as well as out of danger, but in most cases, our fear can stop us from advancing or going deeper in yoga. We can not escape fear, because it occurs naturally. We can not even predict when and how fear will show up when we practice yoga, but we can simply use it as a tool for insight as well as transformation.

The most important question right now is how can we conquer fear? Most people approach their fears as something the y should examine and not something they should run from. By following these few steps, you can conquer your fears both on and off your yoga mat.

1. Identify the fear in you

The first way you can tackle fear perfectly is to identify your fear. Try as much as possible to write them down. You should also observe and document your thoughts about these fears and do well to note your physical reactions to them. Continue to explore, contemplate on it, and document it till you will find out the root cause of your fears. Continue to dwell on it until you discover exactly what causes your fears. Writing is known to be cathartic so this step can even clear off a good amount of your fears and anxiety by itself.

2. Evaluate

Once you have successfully created the list of things that causes your fear, try as much as possible to contemplate and evaluate each one. Ask yourself questions like; is this fear irrational? Is the fear also healthy or helping to keep me safe? Can I use my current ability and skills to overcome this fear? Do I really want to overcome this fear? If yes, how much effort am I willing to invest towards achieving it?

3. Create a working plan and forecast success

Once you have successfully identified as well as assessed a single fear you wish to overcome, the next thing to do is to create a step-by-step guide on how you can skillfully make progress on conquering that fear. Be very creative and courageous on how to remove fearful elements and think of ways to build confidence in yourself. Try as much as possible to break things down into small steps that are very simple to actualize and move on to simply accomplish your goals.

After you have written your plans, see yourself accomplish all you have written step by step in your plan. This will also prepare as well as train your body and mind to achieve success.

4. Deepen your yoga practice

Through the entire process, ensure that you keep your yoga as well as meditation very strong in order to maintain a calm, focused, as well as centered mind.

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