Trying to teach an autistic child in the same manner as you would teach other children will not work, as it is necessary to understand how they learn. The way an autistic child learns is totally different to the way other children learn, so it is important to educate yourself about their disorder. You will become more effective in teaching the more you learn how it works and how to deal with it. Try teaching an autistic child using a combination of pictures with words as they are visual thinkers; this makes it easier for them to learn. If for instance you were teaching about animals you should have flash cards of the animals. By showing the pictures and saying the words slowly and clearly this is a good way for them to make a connection between the sound and visual. Because autistic children find it hard to understand long sentences try using action to complete words you are teaching them. If you find that they become fixated on a particular object try incorporate this into a lesson plan. If you child likes a particular picture or object use this in the lesson.

Anyone who suffers from mental or a physical handicap has to put up different types of reaction, some giving support and others uncaring. Because most people don't understand the condition even family members and friends it's important that you are able to give anyone who as any dealing with your child as much information as you can about their condition. An important fact to note is the condition of autism vary in severity amongst suffers some as a high degree of functioning, while others need constant care. Some may have behavioural, communication and emotional problems while others are able to work normally. Probably the most important thing to learn when dealing with autism is tolerance because autism is a very complex medical condition.


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