Self-Improvement Is Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis in general has many misconceptions surrounding it. Self-hypnosis has even more. If people understand it, though, it would be one of the most widely celebrated tools out there.

Have you ever struggled to change? Have you known what the right thing is to do, but done the wrong thing anyway? It's hard to battle yourself but, thankfully, that's not the only way to grow.

Hypnosis is incredibly effective. Do you have problems you want to finally be free from? Hypnotherapy is famous for busting unsolvable problems. If you've tried to quit smoking, eat better, overcome your fears and exercise, it may be what you need.

Hypnosis has a habit of working where other strategies fail.

Then again, maybe you do not have any problems. Maybe you're happy with your life. If so, great! But is there anything that could be better? Maybe you want to find your life's purpose, pursue your dreams, earn more money and live a better life.

Hypnosis can help here, too.

And if hypnosis can help, then self-hypnosis can transform your life.

To hypnotize someone is to put them in a relaxed state of mind. In this particular state of mind, they are more resourceful, imaginative and open to new ideas. A skilled hypnotist will shape the trance experience to help you win at life.

Self-hypnosis is the same. The only difference is that you are both the hypnotist and subject.

This gives you an intense advantage. You know how your mind works and you know the shape of your problems. If you understand your problems then, with the right perspective, you can find the solution.

You can imagine someone working with you on something important. They are a wise expert who knows they can help you. The first thing they need to figure out is exactly what's in your way. Once they know that, everything becomes easy.

When working with yourself, you're already peaking behind the veil.

The disadvantage with self-hypnosis is that you have to learn how to do it. Now, this is worth learning for its own sake. Hypnotic trances are usually pleasant, relaxing and rewarding. You enter them all the time through your day – with practice, you can learn to control it.

Your brain likes to change. That's how you grow and become stronger. But your brain has built-in defences. Not all change is an improvement, so it needs some way of blocking change when it is not.

The trance state deactivates these defenses. If you try to change but can not, you're probably clashing with your own security system. Work with your mind and change becomes easy.

Every time you've changed in the past, it's been through the trance state. All self-improvement is self-hypnosis.

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