The motion of a golf swing, if done incorrectly, can cause serious injuries in many parts of the body, especially the back. The average golfer typically plays approximately 37 rounds per year and spends many more days practicing, so it is not surprising that the rate of injuries is on the rise. Though many consider golf to be a low-level form of activity, the repetitive nature of the game cause injuries that often result from 'overuse'. Common golf-related issues include lumbar pain, shoulder and neck injury, muscle strain, and tendonitis. Though many chiropractors offer a wide array of treatments to those suffering from any sports injury, as with all things, prevention is the best medicine.

Good conditioning is as important in golf as it is in any type of athletics. The average golfer walks over 4 miles in an 18-hole game. Couple that with carrying the weight of a golf bag and the number of forceful swings the game requires, and strength and endurance become key. Regular exercise and physical activity, even during the cold weather months, helps ensure that the body stays in good shape and can handle an afternoon on the course.

Proper stretching and warm up prior to a game are a good way to minimize injury potential and maximize mobility and flexibility. It's recommended to stretch arms, shoulder, back, and legs before playing. Stretching should always feel comfortable, and never painful. Any stretching on one side of the body should be repeated on the other. Another round of stretching following a game of golf helps muscles cool down.

During the swing, good posture is very important, both for the health of the body and the success of the golf game. Many golfing related pains are caused by not properly maintaining the curves of the spine over the course of a number of strokes. Golfing posture should be balanced and upright. The feet should be kept parallel shoulder length apart, and weight should be centered on the balls of the feet. As in everyday life, slouching should be avoided during the golf swing.

Maintaining hydration, using size appropriate equipment, and pushing the golf bag or hauling it in a cart rather than carrying it are a few additional tips to round out a list of tips to help golfers avoid injury. If you do suffer an injury, chiropractors are able to successfully treat golfers complaining of a number of symptoms, offering everything from alignment and readjustment for simple back aches to acupuncture for stubborn, recurring back pain .


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