Any potential patient who has considered plastic surgery on their face has thought about the prospects of the traditional cutting, tugging, repositioning, suturing or laser use, and stitches. It can be daunting. Add in the large price tag and the time spent swollen and bruised, which often times takes time away from work and activities. All of these aspects of the traditional facelift procedure are enough to make the potential patient consider alternative and non-surgical methods to lift their face from the inside out and sometimes just outside. Nowadays the process isn't just about the scalpel and dramatic change that a full lift can bring; face lifts are leaning more towards the non-surgical and less invasive solutions to the common conditions of aging.

Starting with the easiest solution, with minimal impact, and going up to the most invasive of the non-invasive techniques is a natural progression of how some plastic surgery patients care to approach a facelift, after all it is their face. First, many people choose to try facial exercises and swear by them, they use what are considered natural lift manufactured creams and powders that contain high levels of the usual suspects of any quality care for aging skin and they are alpha hydroxyl acid and amino acids to name a couple. These solutions can help to keep the muscles (with exercises) and skin (with topical moisturizers) more lifted and appealing in appearance but consistency is the measurement of long-term success. Second, there are lifting and tightening devices that are designed for in office use by one's dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office known as microcurrent lifts. The process improves circulation and causes cellular improvement to both collagen and elastin production for the muscles under the skin as well as the health, clarity and tightness of the skin on top.

Third, the liquid face lift is becoming more popular because so many people are using these products on one or two areas of their faces already. This includes the combination of botox which targets wrinkles with fillers to smooth out the smile, frown and worry lines across the face. This is often a helpful solution for people who are experiencing more of the dehydration of the face rather than the sag. Fat transfer can also compliment it if someone is losing volume. Forth, there is also the more advanced use of laser skin tightening, which is applied to the exterior of the face, but it can leave some discoloration and sensitivity. And last but not least is the use of heat to stimulate the production of collagen. This is for those patients who are experiencing the loose skin that comes with accelerated aging. So anyone can see that there are several options out there for the men and women who consult with their plastic surgery professional or dermatologist and determine that they don't need the procedure at their age or they aren't ready for at all. There are productive alternatives out there, all they have to do is look.


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