I know what you're thinking: laser surgery? They're going to fry my skin off with ray guns? This is not the correct attitude to have about lasers. At the laser center, professional harness the power of these incredible beams for your benefit and safety! Though it may sound futuristic and scary, this treatment is safe, sterile, and very much the opposite of thrilling. In fact, you'll be sedated during the entire procedure! Let's take some time to address some common misconceptions that people may have regarding the techniques used at the laser center.

Number one: “I've heard that lasers can be 'set to stun,' is this the non-lethal technique you use for your surgeries?” Because of popular science fiction stories, most people are familiar with the concept of a 'beam gun' or a 'beam sword.' Remember: those are fictional technologies and are just practical or realistic. You will never find such a thing as a “heat ray” in any professional, self-respecting clinic. Though weaponized lasers do exist, the power required to operate such a weapon is currently beyond the reach of such clinic's budget. So no, they will not be destroying your veins with powerful, brief pulses of light. The surgery mostly makes use of a special fiber inserted into your great saphenous or small saphenous vein.

Number two: “They say that lasers emit piercing, unsettling sounds like 'pew pew' or 'zowie' when in use; will these noises bother me?” This is a complete fabrication of the truth set in place by devilish comic books. In reality, there are no such sounds. In fact, lasers do not make any sound at all. What can be heard is the machinery used to power them, but these are usually pleasant or inconsequential sounds that will cause you no harm or discomfort.

Number three: “Someone told me that tripping over a beam will set off an alarm; am I in danger of getting in trouble?” While it is true that they are implemented for use in sophisticated security systems, these are not the same function of surgical lasers. Once the previously mentioned fiber is fully inserted and in place near your knee or groin line, a beam is activated as the fiber is removed, sealing the targeted vein as it is withdrawn.

I hope this article has cleared up any reluctance or lingering doubt you may harbor towards the laser center. Though there are many misleading sources of pop culture that insist otherwise, it's important to make sure you have the facts straight. It goes to show you that the scariest sounding stuff is actually harmless, once the light of reason shines down. Hopefully you now have a clear understanding of the difference between fiction and fact regarding the application of our bright and shining pal.


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