Hair extensions are “in” these days, and they are included in the services provided by a majority of professional beauty salons. These are pieces of hair, either real or synthetic, which are attached to your natural hair to make it look longer or thicker. Hair extensions are not permanent. Some are replaced, while others are re-applied from time to time. There are many different ways of attaching them, depending on the choice of a customer and her professional stylist. Deciding whether or not to get them is all up to you. However, you have to think about the high price you need to pay and the regular maintenance that adds to the cost. Besides, it takes time to attach them, and some individuals find them painful.

Some of the hair used in these extensions is 100% human hair, while sometimes it can 100% synthetic. The most expensive extensions are made of human hair. These are chosen by those who can afford it because it looks more natural and real. Those who like to wear extensions should have healthy hair that has a minimum length of 3 to 5 inches. A lot of stylists prefer to attach hair extensions to longer hair rather than shorter hair.

Hair extensions are usually woven or adhered to the natural hair in very small strands that are closely attached to the scalp. A synthetic glue-like bond is commonly used for binding; this glue is safe to be used on natural hair and scalp. Extensions can be combined with natural hair, and they can be braided. There are different methods of attachment, depending on the stylist and what he / she learned to be able to do the service.

When the extensions are attached, the client can wash and style her hair as often as she wants to, just like her own real hair. There are certain kinds of hair products like shampoo and conditioner that some stylists recommend, and there are also some that need to be avoided because they can weaken the bonds.

Though hair extensions are among the priciest salon services offered, many people find them worth the cost, especially those who have damaged hair and those who cut their hair very short. Extensions can be used by people of any ethnicity. There are lots of celebrities that take advantage of this service so they can have a different look each time, which they can use in different roles.

There are though some full service salons that do no offer hair extension services, so you need to search for one in your phone directory or through a local upscale salon. You can also ask you present stylist to recommend an expert in attaching hair extensions.

Sooner of later, these hair extensions need to be removed because they have a tendency to loosen when hair grows, since they are sewn or clipped very near to the scalp. The longer the hair grows, the farther these extensions move away from the scalp. They can be worn from 1 month onwards, depending on the rate that you hair grows.


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