There are different types of bases for offering abundant support to our mattresses. These include the box spring and foundations. They both serve the same purpose though differ in their structural setup.

Box springs comprise of a combination of both wood and metallic springs. The metallic springs are strategically aligned on top of the wooden frame. This base is commonly used with the traditional mattresses with inner springs. The box spring to some extent also acts as a shock absorber.

However, the box spring also has its cons. When the box spring is used for a long period of time, the quality of the springs wears out. The springs may also be affected by bearing weight exceeding the capacity they were built for. It may then provide an uneven surface when you lie on it since a sinking effect will be experienced in the compromised areas. Test your box spring by pressing on several parts and determine whether it has retained its rigidity. If it does not meet the standard, then it is probably time you buy another support base.

The foundation on the other hand is a more stable and solid structure. The solid wood foundation also comes with a cover, which is wrapped around it. This is the most ideal foundation for memory foam mattress as it is able to handle any additional weight. The foundation provides an even surface, which is recommended when using the memory foam mattress.

Wood slat foundations are also an excellent choice for memory foam mattress foundation. The slats should preferably be 2 “apart so that they can optimize the comfort. If the slats are widely spaced and exceed 3”, this may affect the overall evenness of the surface. You may use plywood or pressboard to fill the spaces.

Adjustable bases also work well with the memory foam mattresses. Ensure to buy high quality bases so that they can serve you for a long time. You can assemble and disassemble them at your own convenience. This may serve as the perfect guest beds and used when they are required without occupying space when dormant.

The most economical and by far the cheapest base would be placing the memory foam mattress on the floor! If you think about it, the floor is able to provide a solid and firm base, which is the basic requirement, not to mention much easier access! All that will be missing from this low profile bed is the elevation provided by the support bases.

At the end of the day, the decision on which brand to buy falls squarely on the consumer's shoulders. Take notice for all that is out there, because making an informed purchasing decision is the best thing that you can do. Be sure to purchase recognized brands to save you from incurring any additional repair costs, and keep in mind that prices may also fluctuate from place to place, so shopping around and comparing different store's products and prices would be the best route to take.


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