With a multitude of options available to occupy our children these days, exercise seems to be relegated to some far off corner. This generation of kids has at its disposal great options to fill their time such as: video games, internet surfing, computer games, television, and all such things which do not require them to get any physical exercise.

The increasing peer pressure forces the parents to buy their children the latest and slickest versions of PlayStations, Wiis and other gadgets. Of course, it is necessary that children have some idle fun too. However, the problem arises when these idle fun activities consume all their fun or playtime.

Does any child these days wish to go cycling, playing in the park, or playing an outdoor game like baseball, football etc. It would have to be very few! If given a choice, the children would rather want to be left alone with their gadgets.

The question arises – Do we need them to get some physical exercise everyday? An emphatic “Yes” is the answer. With the growing incidence of obesity and health problems among kids, we have to be very cautious about their diet and exercise, even at this very young age. As we all know, good habits are built in the childhood. So, start young.

Nevertheless, how do we get them to go out and play? Well, you as parents have to set a precedent. Go out with your children for swimming, cycling, and outdoor playing; you would not only inculcate good habits in them, but also set yourself up for better health and fitness.

Exercise also helps boost immunity and stamina of children. Hence, active children fall sick less often and feel much more energized to handle their daily activities. Physical activity is also the key to a high metabolic rate, which helps the children grow at an optimum rate.

Treat exercise as being very important . Monitor your children's diet for junk food and encourage them to get their daily dose of any form of physical activity. You would be ensuring a lifetime of health and wellbeing for your child!


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