Cord Blood – Life Saving Out of the Womb

The umbilical cord of a newborn, within the womb, is actually considered the lifeline between the mother and the baby. But it may also be the lifeline of the child outside of the womb as well.

This cord holds vital life saving blood, and what one might consider, the perfect beginning of any cell used within the body. This cord blood, as it is called, can be collected shortly after the birth of your child. However, if the umbilical cord is discarded after the baby's birth, the opportunity of collecting precious cells, that are exact duplications of your babies, will be lost forever. By preserving this cord blood through cord blood banking, your baby will be ensured a perfect source of cells in the event of some unfortunate accident, disease or other life threatening illness.

Cord blood can be used for a multitude of life saving reasons. For instance, should a life threatening disease, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or other blood based diseases affect your child, their own blood bank may hold life saving blood, from the cord blood, for transfusions. This perfectly matched blood will not be rejected by the recipient, and will become whatever cell the body needs, at that moment, to help heal itself, aiding to the medical team's expertise and regimen.

This same lifesaving blood may also benefit members within the family, should an accident or disease threaten them, as well, dependent upon the blood type and match of the donor / recipient: the closer the match between the two, the better the prognosis.

Cord blood can be easily banked by notifying the delivery team before or during the delivery procedure. They (or your partner) can complete the paper work easily, allowing for this life saving blood to be saved for your child's, or other family members, needs should something unforeseen and unfortunate happen.

There is no greater gift than giving the gift of life – and no better way to do so than giving exactly what is needed, at the time most critical for your loved one.


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