Childhood obesity is an increasing problem all around the world and more and more children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other heart conditions associated with bad eating habits.

We are the most important role models for our children and they will copy our good behaviors and our bad. So this is the time while your children still mimic you to start living healthy and making eating healthy a natural part of your life. A child's weight can say a lot about their surroundings and how there family members treat their bodies and the types of lifestyle they live.

These are 3 easy tips you can use to make you and your family healthy and fit

1. Start each new week with a fresh new healthy habit that involves your children and family members. You can start simply and make it something simple like playing with the dog together or going for a walk. Or if you prefer make the weekends a chance for you to get out have a picnic and enjoy a healthy lunch together.

Always make your child feel like he / she is a part of activity by including them during the process, it will not only bring your family closer together it will enforce healthy habits in your child.

2. It can be very damaging to your family and children when you through around words like “fat”, “weight gain” and it can have a negative affect on your childs ability to stick to a healthy diet and instead of using the word ” fat “, remind your children everything they do is to be” healthy “. For example lets go play outside because its good for our health and will make us fit. Encourage and challenge your kids through exercise by using friendly competition and fun.

3. Always lead by example and work on your weak points and accomplish those goals you think are almost impossible and prove to your children that if you are determined nothing can stand in your way. Be the inspiration for your children and have them grow up healthy and in control of their weight.


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