As I am sure you are already aware, our First Lady, Michele Obama, has been called upon to lead an initiative to fight against childhood obesity. There is no question that is a something that must be done, because childhood obesity statistics continue to grow.

The goal in fighting child obesity is to reach out to children and stop this epidemic before a child begins to become overweight early in life and the obesity health risks then follows that child into their adult years.

The medical definition of obesity is very complex but here I am talking about studies that have shown significant numbers of young people to be 40%, 50% and even as much as 100% heavier than what they should be. This extra weight puts such stress on all parts of the body; joints, skeleton, heart, lungs, everything is effected. Study after study concludes obesity is often the key underlying factor to a host of health problems adults face-heart, diabetes, infection, headaches, inflammation-and of course psychological challenges too!

The childhood obesity statistics are staggering. It is reported the about 1/3 of children and adolescents are obese or overweight, and almost 20% of children ages 6 to 11 and 18% of those ages 12 to 19 are obese. These statistics were presented in a January article published by USA Today who also quoted Donna Ryan, president of the Obesity Society, which conducts research on issues related to obesity. She said “If you can get kids into healthier eating habits when they are younger, their weight may self-correct.” But once they become obese adults, it's difficult to reverse. ”

This is good advice but how we break the “fast food obesity” chain and convince our kids to eat healthier?

In our home, we found healthy smoothies to be the answer. Pretty early on we taught our kids to how to run a blender (make sure the top is on!) And encouraged them to make their own fruit smoothie recipes and it was fun to see their “inventions.” We made it a point to always have lots of fresh and frozen fruit on hand and would let our kids make whatever they liked. Some of their juicing recipes were a bit off, but we all tried it! We did do the occasional fast food run, but it was a special treat and not the basis of our family's diet.

Of course Mrs. Obama is working on a much larger scale, but she too is looking for ways to promote healthier eating habits that will last for a lifetime.

I believe that adding smoothies to your family's diet will provide you the basis of an overall healthy diet that is heavy in fruit and vegetable and light on red meat and sugar.

Drinking healthy smoothies and including a teaspoon of Mila refined chia seed each day has been the perfect answer to keeping our cholesterol counts low and improve our overall health and fitness.


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