Asperger Syndrome is an ever-more-common neurological condition. Under the autism umbrella, it is also one of the most complex and misunderstood.

However, no matter how many difficulties an “Aspie” (A self-coined nickname) may suffer, there is one that vexes many teen and adult Aspies. However, as it (in 98% of cases) affects mostly females with the condition – “Aspergirls” – so here we go.

In most cases, Aspergirls have a blurring line between their ideas of gender. While this may simply cause a case of simple tomboy activity, it has been known to commonly range from bisexuality to full-blown gender androgyny. Androgyny here meaning 'no preference between the genders, reflected in image, activities and belief.

Most parents may be worried or upset by their previously girly little angels becoming more and more gender-fluid by the day.

However, most Aspergirls prefer to be in no gender stereotype. While they may gain negative attention due to their gender ambiguity, they are in fact more anxious when placed in a conforming gender stereotype.

Society is changing every day, and gender-fluidity is welcomed. Mechanics, engineering, there are many careers that can suit an Aspergirl, and where ambiguity is certainly welcomed!

Is your Aspergirl a slightly boyish character? Then embrace it! In the end, she is happy, and she will choose her own path. Support her and her image choices, and do not push her towards femininity or dating, long hair, makeup and girl activities.

Allow her to skate, box, hang with the guys and be raucous as she wishes.

After all, youth is short, and difference is a key part of life.


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